A Swiss company with a great deal of tradition

Swisspearl® panels are installed in accordance with the ultimate technology of uninterrupted rear ventilation. This fully developed and proven cladding system effectively protects the building structure and with it the whole building from the elements, for decades.

The panels are rot-resistant, incombustible and virtually maintenance free.

Swisspearl® has mastered the highly demanding production processes for integrally coloured fibre cement panels offered in such a wide colour range.


Freedom of design without limit for high-end architecture

  • Ventilated & Insulated Wall Cladding
  • Large Panels
  • Linear Panels
  • Modula Overlap Panels
  • Customized Panels
  • Perforations/Engravings
  • Sun Shading Elements
  • Interior Design Cladding
  • Swisspearl Roof

Freedom of design without limits

Environmentally Conscious

Ecology to Sustainability

The production process of Swisspearl® is designed to minimise energy usage and hazard material production. Only natural raw materials that originate predominantly from Switzerland are relied on in the composition of Swisspearl® products. Fibre cement can be disposed of as construction waste or simply recycled, resulting wastes from production are recycled and all excess water from production is biologically purified.

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